Teknologi untuk Aplikasi Web

Pengembangan Teknologi Untuk Membangun Aplikasi Web

Wakhid Prasetya

Jurusan Teknik Informatika

Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Trunojoyo Madura

Jl. Raya Telang PO. BOX 2 Kamal – Bangkalan Madura 031.30.11146

Email : wakhidprasetya@gmail.com 


This paper focused on strengths and weaknesses of Ajax as a technique for implementing web applications. The goal is to motivate web application developers to use this technique in developing web applications by realizing its weaknesses. By using Ajax, gaps between desktop applications with interactive capability and convensional web applications which is not so responsive can be decreased. E-Learning Sains being a barrier for E-Learning is no longer true on today’s Internet. The current concerns are how to effectively annotate and organize available content to facilitate  effective  sharing,  reusability  and  customization for Sains Technologi.  In  this  paper,  we  explain  a  component-oriented approach to organize content in an ontology of Sains. The Web, previously only for a repository for text and images, is evolving into a provider of services. This system is a Web-based environment for the development the e-Learning courses and for the use of them by the students. This system enables the teachers to develop tutoring systems for any course. The system e-Learning prototype uses the ontology.

Keywords:  e-Learning, Ontology, Semantic We, Ajax

Paper tentang Teknologi untuk Aplikasi Web


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